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As diverse as the strains they love, a new group of powerful articulate female entrepreneurs are making waves in the cannabis world. Women in the cannabis industry have long been stigmatized, overtly characterized as sex symbols with little to contribute outside of face value. With legalization on the horizon, women all over the country are stepping out of the shadow’s of their male counterparts and standing on their own in a typically male dominated industry.

Theresa Nightingale, a wife and mother from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and founder of the Pittsburgh Norml Women’s Alliance uses marijuana for her anxiety and stress. “Pharmaceuticals weren’t for me. That’s why I started the Norml Women’s Alliance here. I never want another mom to feel like a criminal for her responsible adult use of marijuana.” She said in regards to her motivation to take on such a challenge. Jenn Doe, another mother of three and High Times Cup winner from newly legalized state of Oregon, is a full-time cannabis farmer and extractor, openly sharing her life in cannabis via social media. When asked about her willingness to share what many consider a taboo side of her life she said simply, “I think it is incredibly important for mothers in legal states to be open on social media about their cannabis interactions, it inspires others to come forward and say hey why do I have to hide? I’m not a criminal, and would never put my children in harm’s way.” With more and more women breaking the stigma, and spreading the good word of cannabis, the industry will see a lot more leading ladies in positive, well-respected roles.

Editorial by: Dani Green Fox

The Rise of the Canna Mom

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  • Julie

    I haven’t experienced relief from the anxiety (and pot being illegal really doesn’t help), but the chronic pain and inflammation relief is worth the risk. I have no life, no desire for life with pills. This is all new to me, so I have a lot to learn. I’m so grateful for all the information and the leaders working to make cannabis legal.